Saturday, August 05, 2017

Racist Robots on the Loose!

The Face of the GOP

The GOP is acting quite logically, and is reacting to their fundamental disadvantage in the national electorate.

In order to maximize their chances in future national elections, here are some logical actions they are pursuing.

Voter Suppression
This has been going on for a while now.  Already many states have been making voters jump through hoops to be able to vote.  These regulations have clearly been aimed at the poor, elderly, and people of color.
Now, Trump has created his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Led by the notorious Kris Koback, this is a further push to slash voter rolls, and humor Trump about his fantasy that he would have won the Popular Vote over Hillary Clinton, were it not for all the illegal immigrants who voted for her.  It's worth 8 minutes of your life, if you haven't seen this already, to check out Samantha Bee's take on Kris Koback:

Immigration changes

Trump is pushing the new Raise Act, and Terminator Stephen Miller was sent into the briefing room to push it.  Quite simply, another way to resist the browning of America, is to limit who gets to enter the country. Limit the amount of non-English speaking people immigrating into this country, along with stopping the ability of families to be reunited in the US, and you have another way to forestall the changes in America.

Essentially, all I'm saying is that what we're seeing is logical, but that doesn't make it right.  Cancer is logical too, but needs to be resisted.