Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Citizens United Tax

President Romney?
Pay Your Taxes!

I'm going to keep this as short as possible, but I've been thinking about it for a while, and need to see if I'm making any sense.

My last post was about the Citizens United decision, and I'm sure everyone that reads this already knows what it is, and probably doesn't like it, or think it's fair.

I'm glad to hear California has joined the fight against Citizens United, but for now, it is the law of the land.  Period.

So, here's the deal: What Citizens United functionally means is that we have to pay extra to get government to do what we want.

It's not the way it should be, it's the way it is. 

Corporations recognize this, and they are paying their voluntary 'tax' with a vengeance.  It's much easier for them than for ordinary citizens, er I mean people, or I guess I mean carbon-based homo sapiens life forms, to pay these 'taxes.'  And guess what?  Corporations are happy to pay their fair share, especially if you and I don't.

I think ordinary people need to pony up and send money in to defeat the corporate Super-PACs, which we can do, even if we can't match their level of spending.  Sometimes, I can only drop in $3, sometimes more.
I even spent $30 on an Obama t-shirt for St. Patrick's Day! I'm sure it would have been better to just give them the $30, instead of extorting a cool super-large shirt out of them, but I hope they got some money out of the deal!

I think besides Obama, we need to help the overall races to take back the House, and protect the Senate, as well as individual races.  I think it will be a major victory if we can get Elizabeth Warren elected to the Senate, ousting beefcake GOP tool Scott Brown.

If we just sit back and whine about how we've lost our democracy, then we can all sit back and whine about losing our democracy.

What say ye?

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