Monday, April 11, 2005

Review: We Five, "You Were on My Mind/Make Someone Happy"

Great Music, Lousy CD transfer

I was so excited to receive this CD, mainly for the first album, which I used to own on vinyl, but also to hear their versions of Get Together and High Flyin' Bird, songs I'm somewhat a 'collector' of. I'm not criticising the original studio recording, but I've heard plenty of archival music that's been cleaned up, and brought back to life in a quality manner. This thing just sounds like the publisher was out to make a buck, and spend as little money as possible making it sound better. The hiss is instantly noticeable, and something unnecessary in today's world of digital filters and so on. Having said that, I'm not sure what to tell people who really want to have this. There's still lots of great music, you just need to get used to hiss and crappy sound. Be forewarned I guess about anything this label puts out.

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