Friday, June 02, 2000

Review: Peter Green, "End of the Game"

The Missing Link
Just as "Dragonfly" is the quintessential Danny Kirwan song (what I mean by that is once you hear Danny's work on "Dragonfly" you understand and hear all his other Fleetwood Mac work better), "End of the Game" is key to understanding Peter's touch. When I first heard this album (remember Albums?) when it came out, it just sounded like stoned noodling. Not there's anything wrong with that! ;-) But at some point, I finally "got it," and could connect the dots in his style. When I heard the bootleg version of "Green Manalishi" which features an eerie 6-string bass solo (legend has it) it clearly sounds like Green, not McVie, especially if you've absorbed EOTG. Fans of Jerry Garcia would also appreciate the parallel work of Green on improvisational "space" music.