Thursday, June 23, 2011

None Dare Call it Treason

Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Will They Get Away With This?

Something that has seemed obvious to me for quite a while is finally being publicly acknowledged by some Democrats. Yesterday, Democratic senators finally called out the GOP for being willing to hurt the economy, so that Obama will not be re-elected.  Today, Majority leader Eric Cantor dropped out of the budget talks until Democrats stop asking that billionaires pay their fair share of the taxes.  Purely and simply, it would seem the GOP is willing to let the economy collapse to insure that 2012 goes their way.

I think this is treasonous, and the GOP is essentially working for multinational corporate interests, and they don't care about this country.  There, I've said it.  If you agree, don't be quiet about this.


Bob Mc said...

Strong words, but who knows? At least sort of the difference between benign and malignant neglect. I have no question that their motivation is power and self-interest, but suspect they lack the insight to know who their masters are.

mrree said...

Bro. Geoff, I agree with you pure and simple.

Jim H said...

They didn't have any compunction about laying waste to the economy during the Bush administration; why should they care if it gets even worse now so they can reclaim the reins of power?