Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hostage Negotiations

Negotiating With Terrorists

How does one negotiate with the GOP on the budget?  Using the analogy of the satyrical magazine cover to the left, (apologies to animal lovers, it's a joke!) the basic GOP position is:
If you don't shoot the dog, we'll shoot the dog!
If that seems hard to make sense out of, I think the basic idea is that if the Democrats don't go along with dismantling the government, the GOP will allow the budget default to happen, further weakening the government, hurting the economy, and hopefully, ensuring Obama loses in 2012!

It's a great plan, right?


Anonymous said...

I've come to view the Republican Party as the Scorched Earth Party. Rather than come up with a viable alternative that reflects what most Americans really want (their viewpoint runs contrary to about 56% of the country at a minimum), they'd rather sink the whole ship just to say they didn't let the "wrong" thing happen. I don't look at them as patriots. They're zealots, and pretty myopic at that.
-Tom M

mrree said...

Hey nice magazine cover. Metaphor comes through loud and clear. It's not just the GOP rasies my ire. I say let's get the 411 on Grover Nordquist. What's the Freudian analysis on this mofo? Did he get molested by the pack of wolves who raised him? Does Fox News have photos of him sniffing the horses' ass in the barn? I mean this guy has put the GOP in an untenable position and is moving the country in the same direction, imho. I'd like know to what experiences shaped his opinions. Then double his dose of oxycontin or whatever meds he needs.


mrree said...