Friday, September 19, 2008

10,000 Electric Guitars Were Groovin' Real Loud

Irony Indeed!
After years of making lots of noise (after all, one of my screen names is basstooloud!) it's only fitting that this should happen to me. I offered to host the guitar jam club for another teacher after school today, and this guitar army descended on my classroom.

This clip is 22 seconds long. Imagine an hour of this!


Anonymous said...

Space jam - not unlike stuff we've listened to before, Obewon-Basstooloud.

Bob Mc.

macpict said...

Not quite Eat a Peach, but maybe they're tuning up! I love the science lab with music in it...Grok and Share Vibration! Keep the blogs coming, Geoff! MacBeth

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Great video!

Elliott Broidy said...