Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Old Top 5 Desert Island Trap

This is ridiculous!
I was reading my future son-in-law's father's blog about his 5 favorite albums, and thought I'd give it a try. What a hopeless task. I've already changed my mind in the time it took to post this! This is one of those tricky mind games, isn't it? Well, if you don't mind, please leave your list of top 5's in the comments!

The Beatles Rubber Soul
How does one choose a favorite Beatles album?

Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland
A world within a world. The guitar will never be the same.

Grateful Dead American Beauty
How can this one not be there?

Love Forever Changes
Is there an album I've listened to more times? Hard to say.

Fleetwood Mac Then Play On
Peter Green's last hurrah before his long strange trip got really strange.

Yeah, yeah, I know these are all from the late 60's to 1970, but hey, what can I say?


Pop Argot said...

I'd join you on "Forever Changes." My other four: Jefferson Starship, "Red Octopus"; the Beatles, "Revolver"; Terence Trent D'Arby, "Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby"; Bran Van 3000, "Discosis." This is, of course, assuming no greatest-hits comps.

Jack Tipple said...

Sticking with the old stuff and not including any "best of" compilations, I'd take:
Marvin Gaye - What's Goin' On
Beatles - White Album (2 LPs)
Allman Bros. - Eat a Peach
Neil Young - Neil Young
Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel

Geoff Gould said...

See how pointless this is? How could I leave out "What's Going On?" How about "Surrealistic Pillow?" U2's "War?"

dave said...

I agree, Geoff, it IS hopeless...but what great fun to contemplate, nonetheless. I, too, have changed my mind several times since I posted my top 5. Shouldn't "Deja Vu" be in there someplace, along with some Curtis Mayfield???

Rod (aka flem59) said...

I was obsessed with this at one point, but gave up on it, as they kept changing (except for the first two):

Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin
Layla and other Love Songs, Derek and the Dominos
Blow by Blow, Jeff Beck
Look Sharp!, Joe Jackson
Liege and Lief, Fairport Convention

Geoff Gould said...

again! How could I forget Layla?

mshray said...

Murmur - REM
Waiting For Columbus - Little Feat
Stone Roses - Stone Roses
Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - (yay!) The Beatles

Runners up set:
Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin
Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones
Graceland - Paul Simon
Live 1980-1986 - Joe Jackson
Time Out The Dave Brubeck Quartet

I made a self-imposed rule of only one double album per quintet.

Bob Mc said...

I gotta find more time to do this kind of thinking! I think when I actually do get around to approaching this critical issue, global warning and all, it won’t be in terms of my favorite albums of all time (too difficult), but what I just might need to survive the stinkin’ island - songs of hope, revitalization, and comfort. This is still a lot harder, though, than deciding the food issue also present (between pizza and cheeseburgers for me).