Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Impeachable Chutzpah

Georgie Holds CourtJust a short note about Bush's admission that he ordered domestic spying without a court order, and the reaction of John Dean and Barbara Boxer. How out of touch can Georgie be, that John Dean should remark that in his opinion, George W. Bush is the first president in history to publicly admit to an impeachable offense!

Then omigawd, Barbara Boxer has the temerity to ask four Constitutional scholars about impeachment. In a rational world, this would be a totally rational response. A person publicly admits to a crime, that would merit some inquiry. But, in one-party Washington, it will probably take at least until after the 2006 elections until Congress will do their duty and investigate.


MB said...

Hmmmm...impeachment. Sounds Southern to me! Let's see, in 3 words: Watergate, Cigar, and ... (well, I said 3 words!).

humblemex said...

That will only happen if the Dumbocrats regain control of Congress, and Diebold will not let that happen.

Jack Tipple said...

Visualize Whirled Bush.

He is due for a vacation.