Thursday, December 29, 2005

Carlton William Gould (1923 - 1995)

It's been 10 years to the day my father passed on. I miss him a lot, but he remains somewhat of a mystery, as I imagine most parents do to their kids, and vice versa. I know he loved us deeply, but I don't know too much about his personal hopes and dreams, about the kinds of concerns and regrets a parent doesn't burden his children with. For example, Jesse and Grace are in Europe right now, and while I'd love to hear every juicy tidbit about their adventures, I'm sure I didn't share everything with my parents either! My dad was a quintessential 'nice guy,' which is probably where I get my high level of gullibility from, but I don't really mind. He was not overly cynical, and perhaps some of his co-workers didn't look on him as a major leader, but I remember when he died, I talked to Jack, who was his boss for a long time, and I remember Jack was really shook up, and was not just emoting for the sake of the survivors. My dad was, to use an over-used word, "authentic," and made real connections with people. I could do worse than want to grow up to be like my dad.


Anonymous said...

I know you have, already. I'm very proud of you, my #1 son. You are already your father's son, and I know he's proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Your words will be there for your own kids to try to learn what they can when they're ready.

Anonymous said...


I have similar sentiments about my father who has passed 10 years 5 months and 21 days ago. Thanks for sharing.

Oh yeah, your pop looks just like Jesse circa 1945.