Thursday, August 04, 2005

The dark side of blogging

As you know by now, anyone can blog, look at me! But blogging can be used for ill purposes, not just these silly ego-tripping essays. I am a fan of Air America Radio, and subscribe to a Google news clipping service that sends me links when there are news items that feature Air America. Most of it is pretty harmless, but lately I noticed a lot of links to right-wing blogs talking about how AAR was stealing money from homeless kids, etc., and when I looked into it, it seemed like they were just twisting some facts to fit the headlines. Finally this evening, I saw a link that dealt with all this concerted blogging slime. It seems that Fox News (suprise) had joined the slime patrol, and I found this article to be very educational:

Fox News Joins Slimy Campaign to Smear Air America

If you'r curious, I recommend checking it out. It includes another link to an article about how one person tried to investigate what this was all about, only to find a lot of lies:

How to Fake News: A Primer

I recommend this only for news junkies who like to 'see how the sausage is made.'

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