Monday, August 01, 2005

Bush's Three Ring Circus

Yosemite SamDistracted from distraction by distraction

In what could be seen as a desperate attempt to muddle the public mind concerning important issues, George W. Bush continues to practice the policies of distraction, perhaps thinking he's some sort of Jedi Knight, and can just wave his hands, as if to say "There's nothing to see here, this isn't the smoking gun you're looking for!"

So, after a shameful attempt at forcing John Bolton down the Senate's throat as W's boy at the UN, Bolton has been simply appointed, utilizing the legal "recess appointment" powers allowed a president. Other presidents have made these kinds of appointments, Clinton for example, but from what I've read, never has a UN ambassador been appointed this way before. Bush thinks Bolton will clean up the UN, perhaps like we've cleaned up Iraq.

The Stealth Supreme Court Justice
In a move that appears to simultaneously divert attention from the traitors in the White House, and avoid serious opposition to his tipping the Supreme Court even farther to the right, Bush picks a conservative who can't even admit to being a Federalist, and thinks the endangered species act should not apply when the extinction only occurs in a single state. He also has a very short history of even being a judge. In short, since just about everyone agrees he's brilliant, has little judicial history to judge him on, and not a pederast, he's a shoe-in. And he's only in his fifties, so this choice will probably not get rolled back (assuming the Democrats can ever get the Senate back) for another twenty years or so.

Turd BlossomWhatever happened to the news about Traitor Turd Blossom?
It looks like we've forgotten about him too. I sure hope the grand jury hasn't. From almost any perspective, Karl Rove has sacrificed national security, for political payback. Whether he actually broke some narrowly defined law is not the point. Unless special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is on the take, or Karl has incriminating photos of him with farm animals, I suspect Karl will eventually feel the heat. The White House press corps, a group of overpaid lap dogs if there ever was one, was just starting to grow a spine, which led to Bush nominating Roberts ahead of schedule, gettting Rove off the front page.

It's an amazing world, ain't it? This all looks so transparent, yet Bush is still President, and Karl Rove, not to mention Robert Novak, is still out of jail!

I guess the hopeful way of looking at all this juggling, is that eventually, even the best jugglers get tired, make a mistake, and the whole shebang crashes to the stage floor. The mid-term elections are coming, and already there is talk about bringing some troops home before then. This, after Rumsfeld says it may take a dozen years to get out of Iraq!

Keep on spinning them plates Georgie!


Mark said...

The Shrub is without question the worst of the worst, but he is clearly too stupid to be doing this stuff on his own.

He is simply the marionette at the end of the neocon string. His combination of arrogance and ignorance makes him the perfect puppet.

It's time to get out of the shade and in to the heat, off of the couch and back on our feet!


Gazoo said...

Besides distracting us from Rove's (and Novak's) treason, the appointment of Bolton serves another purpose: It's a step towards the U.S. disaffiliating itself with the United Nations altogether. Bolton has made no secret of his antipathy for the UN; nor has King George, who would absolutely love to add this to his lone-wolf cowboy legacy. Watch for Bolton to essentially hold the UN hostage over a point where we're in the wrong, and if they don't back down, he storms out with dubious defiance and the applause of the neocon chatterboxery.

mageiger said...

While I probably disagree with most of Roberts' known positions, his two years on the bench is two years more than Earl Warren had when Eisenhower appointed him as Chief Justice in 1953. The following year, the court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education (outlawing separate but equal racial discrimination in the nation's public schools)was read by the Chief and so began a 16 year reign of liberalism.

Geoff Gould said...

This is why I like the community feel of these comments. Mark (mageiger) is a lawyer, and can bring something to the table that I am incapable of. Regarding Earl Warren, I had heard recently that it wasn't so much that Earl Warren turned out different than what Ike thought he would, but that Ike simply appointed him for political payback, nothing more. Does this make sense?

Anonymous said...

I would want to do a little further research but as I recall, I believe Warren was vying for the Republican nomination in 52 and may have stepped out of the race conveniently giving it to Ike(not that he would have gotten the nod over the still very popular Eisenhower). Maybe there was some payback and an element of good riddance as well with a potential rival now ruling over the ivory tower court.

dfung60 said...

Curious George and Fun With Numbers

The entire Bolton thing is ludicrous, but the most shameful statement from GWB was claiming that the recess appointment was necessary because of "partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators." Nobody will ever know what the floor count would have been, but I've seen multiple newspapers report that it would have been more than 40. Forty percent ain't no handful in my book...

Well, for consistency then, let's remember that (according to recent polls):

1) Dubya's plans for Iraq/security are enthusiastically supported by "a handful of Americans."

2) Likewise with regard to the solvency of Social Security.

3) Likewise with regard to the economy.

OK, maybe 40+ senators really are a handful of people amid the 300 million in the US. But wait a second... it's great that the structure of the Senate gives an equal vote to the less populous states. But if you compare the number of people represented by those 40 senators (which would include the entire populations of California, New York, and Massachusetts), hey... they represent almost 51% of the total population (my calc, based on 2000 census figures).

Some might call 49/51 an even split, but to me, it's looking like Bolton has just barely more than a handful of supporters...