Friday, October 01, 2004

Time to bring in a new pitcher, John Kerry

I just came up with an analogy that anyone, Democrat or Republican, should be able to relate to about why it's a good idea to "change horses in midstream."

Imagine America as a baseball team.

The public is the coach, and the President is the pitcher.

One could even be very gracious to Bush, as we understand it must have been quite a burden to be the President when September 11, 2001 came. I think we can all just walk up to the mound, tell George "thanks for the innings you pitched, you just don't have your good stuff today", and point with our right hand towards the bullpen (for those of you who are baseball-illiterate, the coach uses the left or right hand to point to the bullpen to signify whether to send in the left or right-handed pitcher. John Kerry is right-handed) and motion to Kerry that it's his turn to pitch, and win the game for us.

This seems like a pretty good response to this relentless "stay the course" pathology we're hearing. What do you think?


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Ric said...

I expect your analogy assumes that the public ("coach") is paying attention to the game, the strategy, the opposing players and their team's strategy, and
the bullpen.

"Has the Senator been tested on the mound?" some will ask. I think he has, and I agree, we need relief.