Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Smoke and Mirrors in Cleveland: The Veepstakes

Cleveland Rocks: Lots of body blows, but time will tell

My quick two bits for tonight is that the debate was a draw, but might play out quite differently. Dick Cheney did a much better job than George W. Bush did the other night, and that puts on a good reassuring front for the GOP faithful.
Darth Vader calmly and cooly lied the night away, and landed a few good jabs at Edwards in the process.
One of Dick's so-called home runs was when he told everyone that even though as the President Pro Tem of the Senate, he comes to the Senate every Tuesday, tonight was the first time he'd met Senator Edwards. This was intended to diss Edwards as a no-show Senator.

Never mind that anybody who runs for President obviously puts everything else on the back burner.

Never mind, that as we found out a few minutes later from Senator Patrick Leahy, that when Darth comes to the Senate, he only meets with Republicans.

As it turns out, it was just a plain lie. Elizabeth Edwards had to come up to Cheney personally at the end of the debate, and remind him they'd met before at a prayer breakfast. They'd sat next to each other!

So, if the media decides to lay down again, and quit paying attention to the truth, the GOP could come out OK here. But it's hard to say. I'm starting to feel like the cat is out of the bag as far as the untruthfulness of the Bush administration is concerned. I think Cheney was very convincing in an old-school Big Lie sort of way, but that presumes that everyone is going to buy it. It could turn out that it will go big time against Cheney for those same reasons. Time will tell.

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