Friday, July 08, 2011

Treason Enough?

I know it's a harsh word, and perhaps a little too charged, but what is treason anyway?

Today, when the disappointing unemployment numbers came out,  an interviewer asked of Michele Bachmann:  “Does it strike you that as unemployment goes up, your chances of winning office also go up?”  Bachmann responded by saying: “Well that could be.  Again, I hope so.”

Perhaps treason is not the most accurate term for her acknowledgement that a bad economy will help her defeat Obama is 2012.  Disloyal? Unpatriotic? What do you think this means?


mrree said...

Can't say that's those are treasonable statements. I will say she is:
A) Unsympathetic as to her attitiude as reflected by her remarks.

B)Clueless as tohow her remarks can be perceived as carelessly ironic and certailinly not helpful

C)Blind as to how her pursuit of power prevents her from seeing how her outlook affects the millions of US citizens who may suffer from her inane policies.

Anonymous said...

She's just making lemonade out of lemons -- and pouring it into people's gaping wounds. Like undertakers profiting from gang warfare, or lawyers profiting from old people falling out of wheelchairs. It's called opportunism. On the heels of Orrin Hatch's bushel of manure yesterday, this seems to be par for the course.

Tom M