Thursday, November 04, 2010

Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,
Let me say this simply and directly.  Please protect the American people these next two years.  The Republicans are coming for us.  They have already bought themselves the Congress, and the Senate and Presidency cannot be far behind.

Please stop compromising with the GOP, they have no intention of meeting you anywhere near the middle.  You will be under constant attack from their media, but you need to be strong for us.

If we don't get our act together in the next couple of years to take Congress back, then I guess we don't deserve saving!

If you need to veto, then veto.  They will call you names, and try and destroy you.  But remember, you are protecting us.  This is what we need the President for.

And please, don't let them defund the Secret Service!

Yours in Justice,
Geoff Gould
high school science teacher


Rob Turner said...

Obama needs to get some "Balls".
After hearing what Mitch McConnel had to say after watching Obama try to reconcile with the Republicans was just sad.

It may be true that Senators do not make good Presidents and after watching Obama I'm beginning to believe it. I was reminded of Jimmy Carter for a second or two. Robert Reich made it clear on NPR yesterday... Obama needs to be more like FDR, call the republicans what they really are, and let the American people know how sorry they will be for electing these goofballs.
Whatever, I'm pissed, but if you think the economy is going to improve in the next two years you're mistaken. Those elected this year will be thrown out in 2012 just like Gingrich and his cronies were.

The throngs are fickle, sad but true.

Where's Rahm Emanuelle (sp?) when we need him. Just gimme some peace.

Tom Mulhern said...

As usual, Obama has no idea of how to come out swinging. It isn't like he didn't have warning about how this election would turn out, or how republicans would view the Health Care initiative. To him, apparently, forewarned is not forearmed. It just means more data points. McConnell and Boehner at least show they have nuts; it's time for Obama to show he has them, too, and then kick McConnell and Boehner in theirs.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Geoff, and to that I would only add: Have a fully transparent to the public negotiation with Congress on what, exactly, will be cut in government spending. If we're to watch the attempted dismantling of SS/Medi, I want to see it play out in real time.