Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just How Crazy Is It?

Should We Arm Bears?

Just to show you how out of touch I am with what I am told are ordinary patriotic Americans, I wanted to spend a little of my blog space to comment on the current "Open Carry" movement.

Lately these people have been wandering into coffee shops, with permitted holstered weapons, as they order their mochas.

Yeah, I guess it's legal, but when I see someone with a gun in the open, even a cop who's there to protect the public, I get a little nervous. I get very nervous when I see right-wingers showing up at public demonstrations packing heat.

This summer, some nutcases famously displayed their weapons very near an event that Obama was at. If you go to the open carry website, they actually point to that as an example of how twisted the gun-control crowd is!:
"The anti-gun rights lobby's furor over the presence of guns
near the president . . . is an attempt to somehow reverse the normalization of guns."
Professor Brandon Denning, Cumberland School of Law (Birmingham, AL),
Christian Science Monitor, August 8, 2009
I don't have much more to say, but I don't want to hang out in a coffee shop where some insecure, overcompensating dude is showing off his new Glock!


Ric said...

I'm not a fan of handguns. Period. Nor am I a fan of those persons who have to carry because they "have a right" to carry. Nor am I a fan of businesses which allow handguns on their premises where they also allow teenagers.

Starbucks' handgun policy has me rethinking my use of their products. I'm in VA right now, and there's almost no competition that I know of. But at home, in CA, there's Peet's, so there, I can easily boycott Starbucks. And will.

I'll be watching for those other businesses which allow/support carrying firearms, and, as I identify them, I'll stop patronizing them too.

Jeff Johnson said...

Aside from hunters and competitive target shooters, I generally find that the people who have guns are precisely the people who I least trust to have them.