Monday, November 10, 2008

Keith Olbermann's Prop 8 Editorial

While I continue to work on my song inspired by the wedding wars, Keith Olberman of MSNBC delivers this extremely passionate message. I used to dislike him when he was on ESPN, as I thought he was too cynical then. What a transformation he has gone through having to deal with the idiots and hate mongers of the modern cable news world.


Ric said...

A very powerful statement. I would have included that commandment, "... and you shall love your neighbor as yourself." At least my holy book doesn't qualify that the neighbor must be straight (or white, or Protestant, or even an English speaker...)

I hope and expect we'll soon have another chance at this issue in California, and I hope and expect that a majority of us will finally conclude that the government ("we, the people...") has no business in any of our bedrooms.

Jack Tipple said...

He seems sincere but I hesitate to applaud since he's coming from the entertainment business. Or do they call what he does news? I'm pretty out of it. Don't watch TV hardly at all.

He does frame much of what I've heard in the wake of the election though:
• Why is it threatening?
• It's like denying African American people the right to marry.
• It's government infringing on human rights by defining marriage.

I believe marriage should be a sacred union under God as defined by the Roman Catholic Church.

This Church was at the forefront of the civil rights movement.

A majority of African Americans voting on the issue voted in favor of Prop 8. (This info based on one radio news exit poll report.)

Wasn't the CA supreme court's overturning of Prop 62 defining marriage? I guess the answer depends on which government action you agree with.

I think the defeat of Prop 8 would not have eliminated the empty feeling many of us have that I believe is the result of secular society's worship of the gods of money, sex and power and our buying into that line.