Monday, April 14, 2008

Very, Very, Urgent

I don't know a lot about these TED talks; I have seen one or two before. In this relatively short speech, Al Gore delivers a warning and a challenge to us, and he looks pretty intense about it all. I would encourage you to set aside a few minutes (about 27!) to watch this. If you have a pretty fast computer, press the full-screen button (to the right of the speaker icon) to enlarge the picture:

I have shown the Inconvenient Truth DVD to my freshmen Earth Science classes because I believe it's good science, not just a political issue. Many students have already been shown the video by their history teacher, or maybe the substitute teacher, but I wanted them to see it from a science point of view.

talk is short, and to the point:
  1. we don't have much more time to act
  2. we can change things if we do act
  3. this will be the defining challenge of our time.
Please consider what he's saying, and if you do agree, spread around the knowledge of this talk. You can access the original at or at a stand-alone page I created (which strangely works better at full-screen mode than the original) here:

Thank you for your time, and I hope you'll share with the rest of us your thoughts below.

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