Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tragic Echo

Coyote Pup Killed by Car

In an article today in the online Chronicle, we find that a coyote pup was killed by a car, near the site where two adult coyotes were recently killed. The article goes on to say that they also know that the coyotes that were killed were also fed by humans. It sounds like there is at least one other pup still out there. I don't know enough about coyotes, but worry for their safety without their parents around.

As independent as the coyotes seem in our imagination, just like any other animal, the babies need help to make it.

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mrree said...

Sorry dude. It may be a mistake to say this on the record but this story is a non-starter for me.

I mean who cares? I'm no Michael Vick so DON'T go siccing PETA on me but I wonder to myself so what? I mean sympathetic animal stories and children in the news (SF Chorn 7/27/07 p.1) will always get headlines. All can I say is my well of tears runs dry.