Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ain't Nothin' Wrong With a Big Cathedral

On the occasion of the 15th (possibly the last) anniversary of the 'Early Service,' I shared a poem I wrote many years ago. It was inspired by a more intimate, small group style of spirituality. I got the idea when I was on the N Judah, cruising past a big cathedral, Saint Anne of the Sunset, on my way downtown.
Nothing wrong with a big cathedral
Nothing wrong with a place so grand
But all I need is to be with my people
To hug a friend, to shake a hand
So I'll tell you something
Tell ya what I found
When we stand together
We stand on sacred ground
On sacred ground

Wherever two or more are gathered
Wherever two or more are gathered
Wherever two or more are gathered
There is love love love
Love love love
We got love


Dave Lee said...


Many thanks for joining the religion discussion. I appreciate your imput and loved the post you shared with me. I think I can learn a lot from you!

Anonymous said...

St. Anne is one of the two churches I attend regularly. It's quite nice inside too!