Saturday, December 02, 2006

The End of Boondocks

The Hot Spot

I have really enjoyed Boondocks over whatever period of time it's been, and am sad to learn the author has decided not to continue with it. For about 6 months or so, the papers have been running old strips, and finally when it became clear it was not coming back, the Chronicle has stopped with the reruns. I have still been looking at the reruns online, and found this as the last one for two days running. Coincidence?

It seems like the strips I always like best over the years, Odd Bodkins, Doonesbury, Calvin and Hobbes, Boondocks, and more, seem to pull the plug on a voluntary basis. (Remember, Doonesbury went on hiatus for a while too) I'd like to hear from others about favorite strips that stopped. The symbolism of this old strip with the Seinfeld reference might be interesting to discuss also!


mshray said...

Don't forget Bloom County in it's original incarnation. Once Mr. Breathed got rid of Milo and made it a vehicle for Bill he Cat it was never the same.

Anonymous said...

Yo G,

I'm glad you put the icing on the cake on this subject. To be honest, I won't miss it much since I found it overly saturated in sarcasm and cyncism with just a thimble full of humor.

However, I wil say it was a welcome change of pace from Charlie Brown re-runs, although I dig the original "Snoop Dog" as much as the hip-hop version.


Jack Tipple said...

I'll miss Boondocks but now there'll be room for one more of the thousands of fine comic artists to possibly make it through the editorial filters to a larger audience.

I miss Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side most of all that have come and gone, but I felt at the time that if the artist needed a break or wanted to try a different kind of outlet, that that was OK. Their work enriched my life but neither lasts long.

I enjoy Opus in the Sunday Chron's Pink. I find many of those hard to put in the recycle bin. The current anagrams play is a hoot.