Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stupidity is Universal

"I read the news today, oh boy!"

Today, coordinated terrorist attacks occured in London, and at least 40 innocent people have been murdered. The terrorists are stupid if they think it will have any effect on the UK position in Iraq. In fact, even though the war has been highly unpopular in the UK, I wouldn't be surprised if support for the war increased there in reaction to the senseless violence.

It's also clear how stupid George Bush and his British lap dog Tony Blair were if they thought this war would make us safer. We took our eye off the ball when we gave up looking for Bin Laden, and started fixating on Saddam. We have stoked the fires of jihad for sure.

What we have now are two stupid, vicious opponents, warring with each other while innocents are caught in the crossfire.

Stupidity is endless...


Rob Turner said...

No doubt the London bombings are a tragedy, and that Bush and cronies along with Blair "cooked the books", re: the lack of any intellegence quotient before marching off to war,(read Downing St. memos). They should all be in jail for creating this mess.

Bin Laden is free because they need him to be. He defines the necessity to continue the war in Iraq, and is the trail leader helping our intellegence services build the network they should have had in the first place. IMHO, Bin Laden will live as long as the intellegence agencies need him to.

May God be with those in need.
Peace must prevail

Anonymous said...

I agree -- Bin Laden will live as long as he's needed by our government to justify this war on terror.

I also think Geoff's right -- there will be an increase in support for the war in Iraq in UK. And that's what the terrorists want -- to move us toward global, persistant war.

Jack Tipple said...

Is it too late to start a security company specializing in Olympics protection?

This rage of individuals who convince themselves they're warriors is another horror for the list. But I wonder if there's anything else I could be doing to make peace an alternative.

Personal responsiblity is perhaps the key. I know I don't do enough.