Thursday, January 27, 2005

Zabriskie Point Meditation

I was asked to write a "Wilderness Meditation" for my church's Lenten booklet. Even though I was not keen to do it, I was goaded on by saying "You do your blog all the time, 150 words should be no problem!" So, what the heck, I did it. So, as a change of pace from writing about George W. You-Know-Who, here's a short meditation:

Standing on the observation area of Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, one can see God’s rhythms played out across the desert. Every hill and valley makes sense, there’s not a lot of vegetation to get in the way of seeing the pattern. The hills flow from gold to brown to red, almost as if they are moving. I feel like a grain of sand on the beach.
Like a grain of sand, but not necessarily in the insignificant sense.
Like a grain of sand in the ‘cog in the universe’ sense.
Like a grain of sand in the ‘oneness with God’ sense.
Like the lines from an old Byrds song:
“And I opened my heart to the whole universe
And I found it was loving”
Listen for the still small voice
“There once was a note, pure and easy
Playing so free like a breath rippling by”
Go with God

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Ric said...

Here are a few words from Ellen Klaver’s song, “Live Like a Prayer”

Don’t mine the mountain, the mountain is alive.

Don’t dam the river, the river is alive.

The desert’s waiting, red rock canyon walls
Hot sun s beating and one coyote calls
Sagebrush fragrant in the stillness of the heat
Desert fires burning, burning a steady beat.
….Don’t pave the desert, the desert is alive.

Don’t plow the prairie, the prairie is alive.

Live Like a Prayer now, in praise of One;
We are, we are all alive.